Friday, March 28, 2008

5th Circuit

Barksdale: Mississippi College, Texas, Virginia
Benavides: Columbia, Texas Tech
Clement: Harvard, Virginia, Virginia, Virginia
Dennis: Harvard, Stanford
Elrod: Chicago, Chicago, Harvard, W&L
Garza: Georgetown, Harvard, Northwestern
Haynes: Emory, Georgetown, Stanford, Virginia
Jolly: Duke, Duke, Harvard
Jones: Berkeley, LSU, Stanford
King: Penn, Texas
Owen: Harvard, Harvard, Stanford, Texas
Prado: Penn, Vanderbilt
Southwick: Mississippi, Mississippi, Mississippi College, Texas
Smith: Chicago, Michigan, Virginia, Yale
Stewart: NYU
Wiener: Alabama, Chicago
DeMoss (Sr.): Baylor
Garwood (Sr.): Baylor, Virginia
Higginbotham (Sr.): Harvard, NYU

Unavailable: Davis, Duhé (Sr.), Reavley (Sr.)


Anonymous said...

Two GMUSL clerks in the Fifth Circuit are not posted (Jones and Reavley) You can confirm here:

I believe this would also change the general school statistics

Anonymous said...

Try this link again: