Friday, March 28, 2008

DC Circuit

Brown: Catholic, Georgetown, Harvard, Stanford
Garland: Harvard, Harvard, Michigan, Yale
Griffith: Georgetown, Yale, Yale, Yale
Ginsburg: Chicago, Harvard, NYU, Texas
Henderson: Vanderbilt
Kavanaugh: Harvard, Harvard, Yale, Yale
Randolph: Chicago, Columbia
Rogers: Harvard, NYU, Stanford, Yale
Sentelle: Duke, Harvard, Harvard
Tatel: Duke, Georgetown, Stanford
Edwards (Sr.): NYU
Silberman (Sr.): Harvard
Williams (Sr.): Berkeley, Chicago, Yale

Unavailable: Buckley (Sr.)


Anonymous said...

Tatel actually hired two from Georgetown. Brown hired one from Georgetown.

Anonymous said...

But I don't think that the two Gtown grads are clerking the same year -- I think that they are one after another - i.e. 09-10/10-11 (although I could be wrong).